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Ara Cé was created by Aracelly Rivera in 2005 when she was expecting her first daughter. Something about the maternity woke up Aracelly's creativity and she started designing different baby accessories. Later, when there were no babies at home, Aracelly transitioned to the design of women accessories. On 2019 Aracelly decided to found her own business: Ara Cé

Ara Cé designs are known to be very colorful and having a unique style, always looking for new and fresh ideas to incorporate into her designs so you always have something new to look for.


Every single piece of jewelry is handmade by Aracelly, is exclusive and one of a kind. There are no two equal pieces. The materials used are varied to appeal different types of people. Minerals and rocks are used frequently creating unique accessories.  


You can follow Ara Cé on Facebook and Instagram . Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to receive news about her products and new designs.

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